Respirator & earplug fit testing

Respirator Fit Testing

A respirator fit test assesses whether a respirator mask forms an adequate seal around the wearer’s face and checks if the worker is receiving sufficient protection against dusts, mists, fumes, gases, vapours and biological contaminants.

Fit testing is a mandatory requirement of AS/NZS 1715. In accordance with the standard you must be fit tested before you use a respirator in the workplace, and you must be retested at least every 12 months.

Our specially trained technicians perform all fit testing in accordance with the RESPFIT guidelines and include one-on-one training with each individual user in the correct wearing, use, cleaning and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment (RPE).

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Earplug Fit Testing

To provide your workers with adequate noise protection, earplugs are considered a suitable hearing protection device (HPD) in a large number of environments. The protection level provided to wearers of earplugs varies widely depending on how well the size and shape of the earplug fits their ear. It is therefore important that wearers are tested to ensure they are wearing the earplugs that provide them with adequate protection in their workplace.

Occuhealth is one of a few companies that has the ability to test any type of earplug that your workers may require. The person being tested will leave us knowing exactly how much protection they are getting from the earplugs they choose to wear as well as personal training on the best technique to achieve correct fit of these earplugs.

Respirator & Earplug Fit Testing

Both our Belmont and Mandurah fit testing offices are open for fit testing services five days a week, and our fully mobile service can be performed at any location including metro, regional, remote, interstate and offshore sites.

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Ear Plug Fit Testing
Respirator & Earplug Fit Testing


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