health & medical services

Our team of qualified Healthcare Professionals, headed by a Medical Practitioner, includes a Medical Review Officer, Audiometric Officers, Drug and Alcohol Collection Specialists and Spirometry Technicians.

All our health surveillance medical services can be performed at our Belmont and Mandurah locations, or via our mobile service directly at employer sites, including:

Health & Medical Services

Audiometric Testing

WorkCover WA compliant or standard

Spirometry (Lung Function)

Drug and Alcohol Screening

Instant and Laboratory

Health Monitoring Medicals

Silica, Asbestos, Isocyanates, Organophosphates, Mercury and Lead

Oil and Gas UK Medical


Biological Monitoring & Health Screening

Monitoring chemical exposures in the workplace

Respirator Medical Evaluations

Respirator & Earplug Fit Testing


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