Audiometric Testing

Workplace Audiometrics

Occupational hearing loss caused by exposure to noise is permanent and can have a significant impact on a worker’s life. Industrial hearing loss is very preventable and it is the employers responsibility to ensure that audiometric testing is conducted.

The Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981, governed by WorkCover WA, requires a baseline audiometric test be provided by employers to all employees exposed to (prescribed) noise in the workplace.

New WA Regulations came into effect on March 31st 2022. For audiometric testing in WA they state the following:

WHS Act 2020 and Regulations place a duty on the person running a business to provide audiometric testing for workers who use personal hearing protection:

(a) within 3 months of the worker commencing the work; and
(b) in any event, at least every 2 years

Audiometric Testing
By conducting workplace hearing tests, it is possible to not only detect whether hearing has been impaired, but also to determine whether hearing ability is changing over time. If there is a pattern of decline, a noise survey can be employed to determine if there are occupational issues that need to be addressed.

Our trained Audiometric Officers can provide both standard and WorkCover WA compliant audiometric testing with same day results at our Mandurah or Belmont offices. We can also provide onsite audiometric testing with our fully equipped mobile van and audiometric booth.

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