Managing the risks of storing chemicals in the workplace

Nov 8, 2020

The guide from Safe Work Australia is intended for small and medium businesses who do not have major chemical stores and who do not have expertise in managing the risks of chemical storage. It provides information on how to manage health and safety risks associated with storing hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

For further information on managing the risks of using, handling and storing hazardous chemicals in the workplace, including your work health and safety duties, please refer to Safe Work Australia for more information.

Biological monitoring plays a part in a risk-based health surveillance program, it is an effective tool in risk assessment. Occuhealth can provide practical advice on the set up and management of programs for chemical exposure in the workplace.

Biological Monitoring aids the role of exposure assessment by:

  • Check control measures are working
  • Check that work practices are protecting
  • Check that training is understood and followed

The specific type of Biological monitoring required is dependent on the type of chemical or physical agent that the employer is exposed to at work.

Biological monitoring involved analysis of breath, urine or blood samples collected from employees. It manages and assesses chemicals or their metaboutes (substances the body converts the chemicals into and in exposes workers).

Because there are sensitive ethical issues involved in the collection, analysis and reporting of results, Occuhealth can help health professionals and managers in set up and exporting of results.

Occuhealth consultants are trained to undertake the collection of urine using strict protocols that comply with the occupational safety and health regulations 1996. These include being able to confirm that the sample presented has not been substituted prior to collection, is present in sufficient concentration for subsequent analysis, and that appropriate worker privacy is maintained throughout.

Occuhealth can provide advice on:

  • Relevant health and safety legislation
  • Technical aspects of biological monitoring
  • Steps needed to ensure employee rights are protected
  • Practical steps to set up programs
  • Biological Exposure Indicators (BEI’s)

Occuhealth can provide on-site biological monitoring in Perth and around Western Australia. We can help you understand your health requirements surrounding chemical exposure in the workplace.

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