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Aug 18, 2020

Drug and Alcohol screening is increasingly becoming a critical component in the health surveillance of workers to ensure the safety of all personnel in the workplace.

In a workplace situation, a person using illicit drugs or under the influence of alcohol may pose a health and safety risk to themselves or others as their judgement, skill, alertness, perception and coordination may be adversely affected. Many companies require pre-employment drug and alcohol testing prior to access to their site, and are looking for reliable and fast solutions.

Urine drug screening involves testing a person’s urine to identify the presence of certain illicit drugs and prescription medications. It has been considered the standard in employee testing for many years due to its accuracy and relative cost. The types of drugs that can be identified by urine testing includes: amphetamines, benzodiazepines, marijuana, cocaine, PCP and Opiates (narcotics). Alcohol screening involves the use of a breathalyser to measure blood alcohol content in the body via a from a breath sample.

Instant drug test results allow you to receive test results immediately, while laboratory analysis includes testing of additional drugs, higher accuracy and the benefit of having the sampled stored permanently by the laboratory in the event of a future query.

With the choice of instant or laboratory urine drug analysis, you can choose the type of test to suit your specific requirements. With the quick turnaround of analysis, there is no delay in the processing of results, which means your employees can be site ready immediately.

The combination of specialist skilled and trained staff, together with stringent testing methods and Laboratory urine screening performed by accredited Independent third party specialist pathology means you can be assured of accurate and reliable results.

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