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Health Risk Warning: Is Silicosis the new Asbestos?

17 October 2018

A Queensland Government audit of 10 workplaces found 26 employees suffering from silicosis, six of whom considered terminal.

One sufferer only 27 years old!

Noise-induced hearing loss, why risk it?

09 October 2018

Are your earplugs fitted correctly?

Make sure your employees are fit for the job

25 September 2018

Occuhealth provides pre-employment medicals for employers who need to ensure employees have the physiological capacity to undertake the tasks required. This is complimented by our world class respiratory and ear plug fit testing, providing a full service for all your pre-employment needs.

Asbestos Services

14 August 2018

Whilst employers are aware that asbestos is a hazardous material, what is less understood is how the risks should be managed and controlled within the workplace. Occuhealth works with you to provide the right mix of strategic advice and support from the services below.

Asbestos consultancy services: